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17 May 2021

Lazy Frog #1

A looooonng time ago on the blog (here to be precise) I looked at Shaky Kane's contribution to the 2 issues of 'Black star fiction library'. That contained an advert for Lazy Frog adult humour magazine...

Here's that advert for Black Star Fiction Library...

Here's the comic supplement in Lazy Frog

and some of the art within...

Art by Shaky Kane

Apart from Shaky's very distinctive style I don't recognise the other artists. However, the credits page list the cartoonists as...George Flint, Henry Flint and Michael Coulthard. I recognise the name Henry Flint from 2000AD but I don't know enough about his art style to be able to see if it's the same Henry Flint or just a co-incidence - anyone help me out here? To me the only possibilities are the Kooky Koala strip or the Queen Mum illustrations above

UPDATE: Henry Flint has confirmed his involvement in Lazy Frog

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