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31 May 2021

UPDATED: Earthworm Jim comic

A long time ago (here to be precise) I looked at the solitary issue of Earthworm Jim comic that I could find...

Earthworm Jim comic, issue 1 (October 1996), DeVere Entertainment

Earthworm Jim comic, issue 2 (November 1996), DeVere Entertainment
image not to hand - can you help?

Earthworm Jim comic, issue 3 (December 1996), DeVere Entertainment

and this really bad image makes it look as though it carried on into 1997 (I think the yellow flash in the top right corner says something like "new low price no. 5 £1.XX Feb 1997"

Anyway, if you can help me with better cover scans or more info. that 'd be great,

DeVere also published a Smurfs comic - check out all their mention on the blog here

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