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8 July 2023

Latest Catawiki auction - ends Thursday 13th July

Seems ages since I last flagged up a Catawiki auction of original (British) comic artwork but they've a great selection of stuff this week so here we go...

This page by Ferdinando Tacconi from Look and Learn #68 (1963)

This Robot Archie page by Edward Kearon from Lion 1964

This page from School Friend annual 1974 by Giorgio Trevisan

This Mike Hubbard page from Teddy Bear comic (1966)

This Andy Capp strip by Reg Smythe

This Paddy Payne page (from 1965) by (renowned cutaway artist) Peter Sarson

This 1969 page from Once Upon a time (by Juan Gonzalez)

These 2 pages by Alfonso Font from a 1973 issue of Look and Learn

These Modesty Blaise strips by Neville Colvin (from 1982)

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