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31 July 2023

UPDATED: Comics reference books of Ray Moore

My look at comic reference books has, to date, covered a number of authors such as...

Lofts & Adley is here
Alan Clark is here 
Dennis Gifford is here 
David Ashford is here
Martin Hamer is here
Colin Morgan is here
Steve Holland is here

Now it's the turn of Ray Moore...again there may be 'variant' editions out there of these books which I've excluded (for now) but I'd still be interested in seeing them. These exist because they've been (re)printed a few times over the years.

Update for this post - the 2nd volume of the Dandy index

The Dandy monster index 1937-1990 by Ray Moore

Here's a 'solo' volume 1 of the index

Here's the 'solo' volume 2 of the index (which only goes up to 1985, so that first image, above, since it goes up to 1990 means that it's a slightly updated version of the first two versions).

Topper tales by Ray Moore

The Beano diaries by Ray Moore
Info. on stories published up until the end of 1989. Saw a set on ebay that mentioned they were from an edition of 281 copies.

The Magic index by Ray Moore

The book of the Beezer by Ray Moore

Broons / Oor Wullie index by Ray Moore
image not to hand - can you help?

This was The Wizard by Derek Marsden and Ray Moore

The Dudley Watkins index of the Desperate Dan reprints 1969-83 by Ray Moore
The Buster index - Steve Holland & Ray Moore

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