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27 July 2023

Were you a Marvel Mastermind?

An interesting Marvel UK item up for auction next month here. The auction house describe it thus
MARVEL MASTERMIND LOT (3 in Lot) - An annual Marvel Mastermind competition was run in the pages of the Mighty World of Marvel comic in the 1970's. This Lot includes two unused 1975 runner-up certificates signed by STAN LEE & HERB TRIMPE together with the original script (with annotations from Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys who was production editor at the time) of the questions for the 1976 competition - Flat/Unfolded - PROVENANCE : The vendor worked as Art Director at MARVEL UK during the 1970's

It's part of a much large comics auction on 5th August - good luck if you bid!

is this the Nigel Kitching - comic artist - I wonder?

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