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9 July 2023

The truth about Wilson - by WSK Webb

I've looked before (here) I looked at the various editions of the 'Told in Pictures' branded work of Dudley D Watkins. These 8 books are a very hard to set to complete if you're looking for them with unclipped dust jackets. 

In a similar vein I was looking recently at 'The truth about Wilson' novel by WSK Webb. This was published by DC Thomson under their Red Lion imprint - I looked at the 4 different books to collect here (back in 2020). They're all hard to come by so good luck tracking down the full set.

I've now realised that 'The truth about Wilson' appears to have 2 slightly different editions. These images are swiped from ebay but illustrate my point.

For this volume, you'll see, the 'BY W.S.K. WEBB' is aligned with the bottom of the base of the Red Lion Library logo and the 2/6' price tag is under the BB of WEBB
I don't own a copy of this version

For this volume though, the 
'BY W.S.K. WEBB' is under the bottom of the base of the Red Lion Library logo (and has been moved slightly further to the right) and the 2/6' price tag has moved to the bottom right of the cover.
This is the 'version' that I own; but I can't compare it to the interior pages of the above version. There may therefore be further differences internally. There's no copyright date.

The main problem with being able to compare these volumes is that it's hard to acquire high quality copies of this book - or at least it's hard to acquire reasonably priced copies!

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