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11 November 2016

In memoriam (1)

Sadly we seem to have had a sudden spate of comic-y deaths in recent days, I'll be covering those over the next few days, but as it's the 11th of November my mind turns towards the fallen of World War One (and all subsequent conflicts).

Here's the iconic Charley Bourne, illustrated by Garen 'Rainbow Orchid' Ewing

from the British sketchbook volume 1 (edited by Darryl Cunningham) c.1996

You can see more details of Garen's work here..

and more about Julius Chancer here

Garen is also on Facebook and can be tweeted via @garenewing


  1. Here's the downthetubes guide to the classic World War One-inpsired comic strip "Charley's War", created for Battle by Patrick Mills and the late Joe Colquhoun:

  2. meant to plug that but forgot, sorry!