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23 November 2016

Rok of the Reds - issue 4

September saw the publication of issue 4 ("sentence of death") of Rok of the Reds

note that not all copies are defaced by John Wagner and Dan Cornwell :)

Industry legends John Wagner and Alan Grant (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Judgement on Gotham, A History of Violence) team up once again to bring you Rok of the Reds alongside stunning art by Dan Cornwell.
Rok of the Reds is a six part series showing what happens when the lives of a dangerous intergalactic outlaw and an arrogant footballer collide. With his home world destroyed, Rok of Arkadi is on the run and needs a hiding place. And that hiding place happens to be troubled football star Kyle Dixon.
A black comedy about revenge, redemption and the ‘beautiful game’.

Here's my spoiler free review...
As Rok/Kyle start to consider the future via a classic Roy of the Rovers style cup run, trouble is brewing behind the scenes via the 4th estate and his own parents! Rok's days of sitting on the comfy flowery armchair in his slippers appear to be numbered, but only once the cup semi-final is out of the way surely?

One of the best independent comics out there right now.

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