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20 January 2020

Swift comic Quester's book

A while ago I looked at merchandise from Swift comic (here) and Swift spin-off annuals / books (here) but the other day I acquired something which falls into the merchandise camp.

Sized slightly smaller than a normal paperback, 28 pages (including covers) long this looks like it came out in c. 1954. In my mind the 1950s were the heyday of the 'I-Spy' books so this is a book that combines the attractiveness of them with loyalty to the comic (you had to cut out the things to spot from Swift).

As Steve Holland notes (here) - A Quester, as the editorial page reveals, is a boy or girl who looks for exciting and interesting things; the editorial choice of what was interesting was quite... um... unexciting. Each week, pictures were published that you could stick in your book and you could award yourself points for spotting what was pictured. So, for instance, the first week's quest was to look for: a scooter (15 points), a dog (4), a railway crossing (33), a postman (10) and a weighing machine (23)

So the question is - were you a Quester? How did you get on with your questing? Did you ever get a special Peter Quest reward?

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