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5 January 2020

Powerman #20 - Dave Gibbons & Carlos Ezquerra

I've looked at Powerman before (here) and I've tried to gather together all the images I can find of this rare Nigerian comic by Brian Bolland & Dave Gibbons. I recently acquired a small collection of Powerman comics so I'll be bringing highlights from those comics in the coming weeks ...

Previously we've looked at...
a). issue 5 is here
b). issue 6 is here
c). issue 7 is here
d). issue 8 is here
e). issue 9 is here
f). issue 10 is here
g). issue 11 is here
h). issue 12 is here
i). issue 13 is here
i). issue 16 is here
j). issue 18 is here
And there's a Brian Bolland interviw (here) - from Arkensword fanzine 13/14 - and artist Ron Tiner speaks about his time on Powerman here

And here's the highlights from issue 20...

Powerman by Dave Gibbons - a 16 page strip

The black star - artist unknown - a 9 page strip

War story by Carlos Ezquerra - a 5 page strip

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