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5 May 2020

Loadsa Funnies (part 5) - humour artists

I've looked before at publications associated with the Cartoon Aid charity (like Band Aid but with more cartoons and less Bob Geldof) - if you missed them they are as follows..
a). the Olympic book is here
b). Bryan Hitch's work in the Kidz book is here
c). Mike Collin's work in the Kidz book is here
d). Terry & Sheila Bave's work in the Kidz book is here
e). Simon Donald's work in the Kidz book is here
f). an auction and a festival were also organised is here
g). Loadsa Funnies part 1 (Jim Baikie) is here
h). Loadsa Funnies part 2 (Judge Dredd) is here
i). Loadsa Funnies part 3 (Bryan Hitch & Reg Smythe) is here
j). Loadsa Funnies part 4 (Davy Francis) is here

Today's selection is some of the humour art in the book - a variety of creators... 

 I didn't know the name 'Crocker' but I certainly recognised Jim Crocker's style - Lambiek says...
James "Jim" Crocker is a prolific artist whose work has appeared in many IPC funnies since the 1970s. He created among others the two neighbours 'Smarty Pants and Tatty Ed' for Whizzer & Chips in 1974. Crocker has also drawn 'Ivor Lot and Tony Broke', 'Ad Lad' and 'Sweet Tooth', as well as 'Jack Pott' in Buster.

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