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5 August 2020

BICS, 2006+ programmes

I've looked previously at the programmes produced to accompany various British comic festivals...

Bristol comic expo (2004-2014) is here
London comic festival 2003 is here
Kev Sutherland festival original art is here
A 'Lawless 2019' miscellany is here
Boys and Girls exhibitions of the 1950s and '60s is here
Glasgow comic art convention is here
Edinburgh art convention is here
UKCAC - part 1 is here
UKCAC - part 2 is here
London Super Comic Con is here

In keeping with that theme I'll today start looking at the (A5 sized programmes) produced to accompany the Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS). I'm unclear as to how many of these programmes were published so if you could help fill in any gaps in my collection I'd love to hear from you...

BICS, 2006 - cover by Alex Toth

BICS, 2007 - cover art by Mike Mignola and Kevin Nowlan 
with thanks to Alan Henderson
Interior art /features on...Doug Braithwaite, Mike Carey, Mick McMahon, Mike Mignola, Kevin Nowlan, Lew Stringer, Bryan Talbot, Phil Winslade and Will Sliney

BICS, 2008 - cover by Martin Golden

BICS, 2009 - cover by Howard Chaykin
note the name change from Birmingham international comic show to British international comic show

BICS, 2010
cover image not to hand - can you help? 

Paul H Birch has, below, filled in some of the history on this show for us...

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