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31 August 2020

British comic conventions, 1970-1976

I've looked at a whole lot of comic conventions previously...
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So now we're on the final 'lap' of this series and so it's back to the dim and distant past with a look at some of the very earliest comic conventions...

1970 comic convention, Sheffield, cover art by Simpson
Interior art by Trevor Goring, Mike Higgs, Fletcher. Nearly A5 sized, 8 pages.

1971 comic convention, London, cover art by Dave Gibbons
Interior art by Mike Higgs, Paul Neary, Dave Gibbons, Jim Baikie. 16 pages, slightly larger than A5 size.

1972 comic convention, London, cover art is uncredited
Interior art by Kev O'Neill, Mike Higgs, Dave Gibbons. A5 sized, 32 pages.

1973 comic convention, London
no souvenir programme produced

1974 comic convention, London
no souvenir programme produced

1975 comic convention, London
no souvenir programme to hand - can you help?

1976 comic convention, London, cover by Trevor Goring
Interior art by Martin Asbury, Brian Bolland, John Bolton, John Burns, Ron Embleton, Hunt Emerson, Trev Goring, Dave Gibbons, Denis Gifford, Frank Hampson, Mike Higgs, Brian Lewis, Steve Mitchell, Paul Milliner, Paul Neary, Kevin O'Neill, John Romita Sr, Ken Simpson, Barry (Windsor-)Smith. A5 sized, 44 pages.

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  1. Great stuff Richard, didn't have the money to travel around to these conventions as I was a lowly apprentice in the shipyards but got them all now!