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23 January 2019

Frank Hampson exhibition @ Bourne Hall Museum, part 4

Some images of the '100 years since the birth of Frank Hampson' exhibition currently running until mid-March at Bourne Hall museum in Surrey...with apologies for the light reflections on the images. More details here.

Ladybird original art

Preparatory sketches

all images are (c) Peter Hampson

21 January 2019

Lawless comic convention tickets now on sale

Tickets are now on sale (here) for the Lawless comic convention, Saturday 18th May 2019, at the Doubletree Hilton hotel in Bristol
Tickets are priced at £25 (£30 on the door) and the line-up is looking pretty strong already (there are more guests to be announced) with 'headline' acts artists Ian Gibson, & Jock; writers John Wagner, Alan Hebden and Alan Grant plus plenty more besides.

As it says on the website... 

Lawless Comic Convention is a British based not for profit comic convention organised by fans and for fans. Following the sad passing of Carlos Ezquerra in September 2018, the Lawless team have been working closely with Dredd creator John Wagner to dedicate our next convention to the Spanish artist. We’ll have interviews with fellow creators who worked with Carlos and a dedicated Exhibition showcasing his extensive career through the decades, with original rare art on display.
This year we have our biggest creator list ever, over twenty writers and artists will be joining us for the day to sketch and sign and say hello, including John Wagner, Ian Gibson, Alan Hebden and many more!
We’ll be announcing more guests as the months progress as well as the programme for the day nearer the time. Lawless is a family friendly event and cosplay is very welcome!
See you there?

20 January 2019

Frank Hampson exhibition @ Bourne Hall Museum, part 3

Some images of the '100 years since the birth of Frank Hampson' exhibition currently running until mid-March at Bourne Hall museum in Surrey...with apologies for the light reflections on the images. More details here.

Three jokes from the same page of a Meccano (??) magazine - need to go back and double-check! Think the feature was called 'Fireside fun'

Character visuals for the Road of Courage

All images are (c) Peter Hampson

19 January 2019

A Frank Quitely talk is announced

Aye Write have announced a talk with artist Frank Quitely coming in March...

As they say here...
Frank Quitely, legend in the world of comics, talks about the comics that have most inspired and entertained him throughout the years. 

Quietly grew up in Rutherglen and studied at the Glasgow School of Art before launching the underground comics title Electric Soup in 1990. This brought his work to the attention of Judge Dredd Megazine editor David Bishop leading to work on many iconic titles
He is perhaps best known for his frequent collaborations with Grant Morrison on titles such as New X-Men, We3, All-Star Superman, and Batman and Robin, as well as his work with Mark Millar on The Authority and Jupiter’s Legacy. 

Friday 15th March 6-7pm, tickets are £10 (plus booking fee)

17 January 2019

Frank Hampson exhibition @ Bourne Hall Museum, part 2

Some images of the '100 years since the birth of Frank Hampson' exhibition currently running until mid-March at Bourne Hall museum in Surrey...with apologies for the light reflections on the images, more details here.

Frank at two very different stages of life (at Bayford Lodge)

The mural over the fireplace is called Inventions that changed our world - the original was displayed at the 1990 Dan Dare exhibition in Southport and hasn't been seen since (the version over the fireplace is much smaller than the real thing)

The original of a much-used photograph 

All images are (c) Peter Hampson

16 January 2019

KP crisps advertising campaign drawn by Robin Smith - part 1

From the pages of new Eagle dated 15th September 1984 we have the first 2 pages of a KP Alien Spacers advertising campaign drawn by new Eagle / 2000ad / probably lots more things artist Robin Smith.

Come back soon for part 2... 

15 January 2019

Frank Hampson exhibition @ Bourne Hall Museum, part 1

Some images of the '100 years since the birth of Frank Hampson' exhibition currently running until mid-March at Bourne Hall museum in Surrey...More info here

Foreign versions of Eagle 

Some lucky person owns this autograph book

Very early work in Meccano magazine, 1933

Rare copies of Anvil magazine that Frank Hampson and Marcus Morris worked on before publishing Eagle

All images are (c) Peter Hampson except where Dan Dare images are shown, these are (c) the Dan Dare Corporation Ltd

14 January 2019

Early Brian Bolland commercial advert for burger bar up for sale

For anyone who recalls my piece last week on an early Brian Bolland Christmas card being offered for sale on ebay (starting price £50; sale price £50) the same seller is now offering as a lot an item he describes thus...

clearing the old studio....a hamburgher menu by brian bolland whilst at Norwich school of very good condition..a 2 sided paper plate sized table menu sheet...layout by by brian.....12 inches across....produced in 71 or 72.....this is one of his first ever commercial printed pieces...very hard to 99% were used...the burgers were and still are top notch....still open...a little slice of history...look at those prices..fries at 5p...burgers at 45p....happy days ..a rare example of very very early bb art....

No sign of a Bolland signature so you'll have to take the seller's word for it I guess

The menu is for sale here and the opening bid is £100 - the auction closes just after 7pm on Wednesday (16th).

Here's that Christmas card again :) 

13 January 2019

Marvel UK's James Bond jr cover gallery

I'm slowly collecting Marvel UK's James Bond jr title and now have issues 1-6 and 9 (cover scans below). The UK versions of this title don't seem to come up for sale very often so I can only assume that the series wasn't a big success. 

I was convinced that there were only 9 issues in this series but doing a bit go googling I found the slightly odd cover for issue 10 which I include below. Why is it odd?
a) it's described as 'alternative cover' - alternative to what?
b). what's with the odd purple swirly logo? Why doesn't it say Marvel UK?
c). if it's an alternative cover then what does the regular cover to issue 10 look like? 

Can you help me? Thanks

All cover (and interior) art by Mario Capaldi

12 January 2019

Oink promotional flyer - May 1986

From new Eagle dated 10th May 1986 we have the 4 page insert for a brand new comic called Oink! - I wonder whatever happened to that :) - read more about Oink! here

11 January 2019

Ron Smith's lost adventure comic

This was up for sale recently on that ebay and while I didn't win it I kept copies of the images that the seller has included. Why? Because it looks to me like an attempt Ron Smith made to get an adventure comic off the ground. Due to my own tardiness I never passed these scans to Ron's family and it's too late now. Instead I leave you with the images and a transcription of the letter that Ron [Smith] sent to a potential collaborator [Ron Holland] 

Dear Ron [Holland]
I was pleased to have met you last Monday and even more delighted that you could be able to produce three pages of artwork for my new comic.

Unfortunately, I cannot put you into the full picture as to the style and market of the comic; at the moment it is only a gleam in my eye which I intend to work up to 'dummy' stage and then take it from there. However I can say that I hope to produce three pre-production dummies and from that point review the ongoing possibilities of the venture, either in its current programmed state or in a revised from.

I understand that the three pages you are producing for me is treated as 'Spec' work and that accordingly the rate for this work will be the agreed £240-00p for the three pages. Rather than trust the post, I should like to collect the pages from yourself, when ready, approx' 21st/25th November? I will of course pay you at the time of collection.

I think Ron that I was able to convey most of the main points to you as to the sort of adventure story that I'm trying to achieve, however, there was one main point I might have left out. That is :-

I am a strong believer in the Tarzan style of illustration, it is very seldom in this type of adventure strip do you find an excess of detailed violence, that is - if a person is shot or killed do you see any explosion of or gore. It is possible that this comic could be read by a number of younger children; not only do I not want to offend them, I do not want their parents writing to me pointing out this attention to the macabre. I would like this comic to be read by all members of the family, and to offend no-one. Therefore when the two flyers are shot by the Zero, I should think a turn of the head and a pained expression, should suffice. Where the bird 'Gets Splat' on the Perspex of the forward gun, I think it is safe to show the disintegration of feathers etc., after most kids have seen an insect splat'ted [sic] on the windscreen of a car. At the same time as not dwelling on blood, gore, or other nasty things - I still want to maintain a very high degree of story tension and detail that would pass the discerning eye and mind of any experienced adventurer or professional flyingman. This was I gain their respect and that to me is paramount.

No pretensions, this hero is no masked crusader, nor will he be endowed with special powers - he will have the frailties and strengths of a normal human being.

Keep the frames clean and simple, I will add the lettering and balloons etc.

Initially the comic is to be produced in B&W, but who knows it could go out in full four-colour letterpress; therefore Ron please draw as you would for colour, that is with the minimum of shading lines?

I feel very excited that you should be drawing these pages and look forward to seeing them.