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3 December 2021

UPDATED: Keith Burns covers for Commando

I first came across Keith Burns art when he illustrated the Titan comics Johnny Red series, since then he's just started illustrating Commando covers and the covers are fantastic. Here are the covers he's done so far...

Commando 5209 - American avenger

Commando 5215 - a matter of honour

Commando 5229 - shadow in the storm!

Commando 5241 - steel inferno

Commando 5251 - Radar raiders

Commando 5259 - Braddock

Commando 5267 - Braddock demons

Commando 5289 - the Wombat and the Tiger

Commando 5297 - fog of war

Commando 5299 - Sladen's promise

Commando 5307 - Stealing Stukas

Commando 5315 - Ironhide

Commando 5329 - Blitzkrieg west

Commando 5335 - Durand's Dunkirk

Commando 5337 - Dodger's Dunkirk

This issue is interconnected with issue 5337 Durand's Dunkirk but told from the perspective of the British fighting to stop their retreat.

Commando 5353 - Outgunned!

Commando 5355 - Bullseye Bruno

Commando 5377 - Third time lucky

Commando 5385 - The flying emu

Commando 5395 - HMAS Expendable

Commando 5411 - Ready for Anything!

Commando 5417 - The girls on the guns

Commando 5448 - Die-or walk!
Check out the third of our nine 60th Anniversary specials Issue 5448 Die — or Walk! Former editor Calum Laird's sequel to Commando Issue 1 Walk — or Die! has the table turned with the Brit carrying the Jerry!

Commando 5463 - Target Tomcat

Commando 5481 - Vengeance

Commando 5497 - Pearl Harbor

2 December 2021

Comics calendars for 2022

For all those comic fans out there still trying to work out what to put on their Christmas list don't forget that there are plenty of calendars out there that could be decorating your walls next year...

If you spot any other calendars that I've missed then do let me know

1 December 2021

World Aids day 2021

Here's my comic-y contribution to World Aids day - it's some of the highlights from this 1987 A4 56 page black and white magazine...

If you've enjoyed the blog today then please consider donating to the Terrence Higgins Trust (who can be found here)

30 November 2021

Beano club newsletters

The Beano has produced a number of newsletters for fans - here are the issues I've found so far...I'm quietly confident that there are lots more out there but here are the issues I've found so far.

Beano club newsletter, #7, 2000

Beano club newsletter, summer 2000

Beano club newsletter, March 2003

Beano club newsletter, October 2003

Beano club newsletter, autumn 2005

29 November 2021

Judge Dredd sketchbook - 32 pages of great artists

My favourite purchase in the current 2000AD sale has to be this Judge Dredd Sketchbook...cover by Dave McKean

It's available here for £3.75 (reduced from £14.99) and is a limited edition of 500 copies. Let's see who the artists included in this sketchbook are...
  • Charlie Adlard
  • Brian Bolland
  • John Burns
  • Andy Clarke
  • Simon Coleby
  • Mike Collins
  • Andrew Currie
  • Simon Davis
  • Rufus Dayglo
  • Carlos Ezquerra
  • Henry Flint
  • Leigh Gallagher
  • James Harren
  • John Higgins
  • PJ Holden
  • Frazer Irving
  • Cam Kennedy
  • Clint Langley
  • Colin MacNeil
  • John McCrea
  • Pye Parr
  • David Roach
  • Cliff Robinson
  • Alex Ronald
  • Tiernen Trevallion
  • Kev Walker
  • Chris Weston
  • Ben Willsher
  • Colin Wilson

  • That's a pretty awesome line up I think you'd agree - a great purchase

    28 November 2021

    V for Vendetta at the Cartoon Museum - part 5 (of 6)

    It's closed now but I just wanted a record of the Cartoon Museum's recent V for Vendetta exhibition so I'll be sharing my photos on here over the next few Sunday's.

    Part 1 of my photos was here
    Part 2 of my photos was here
    Part 3 of my photos was here
    Part 4 of my photos was here

    all material is (c) David Lloyd