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22 September 2018

Scream & Misty 2 - a signing is announced

London's Gosh comics have announced a signing to celebrate the publication of the second Scream & Misty special
As they themselves say...
Dun dun dun! It’s back! Scream and Misty One-Shot returns for a second outing of old school ghouls and we’ve got another scream-a-riffic signing to go with it! Scary Simon Coleby, Grisly Guy Adams, Lycanthropic Lizzie Boyle, Jeepers John Stokes and Kreepers Kek-W will all be here from 1-2 pm on Saturday October 27th to put their spooky scribbles on your copies of the magazine! (They’re all lovely really).
Scream & Misty Special returns for 2018! Two of Britain’s best loved comics have reunited offering an anthology of brand new tales, guaranteed to terrify and entertain you this Halloween! Featuring more treats than tricks, including the further misdemeanours of Max the computer in The 13th Floor, ghoulish goings on with the undead WW1 pilot the Black Max, zombie and vampire DNA combine to create a brand new horror sensation called Decomposition Jones plus a tomb full of other tales from the realms of the Mist. 
So come along and meet the ghoulish gang, and get yourself a signed copy of this year's creepiest comic! If you can't make it and would like a signed copy, drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or mail order.

21 September 2018

Mick McMahon draws Sonic the Hedgehog

I've got a few issues of Fleetway's Sonic the Comic and I remember how surprised I was to see he name of Mick McMahon credited as the artist. Ok, so it's a world away from his gritty 2000ad style but it's interesting to see what he was up to and looking for unexpected artists in these comics is what makes collecting them so interesting. Sonic is an expensive comic to collect, back issues seem to be regularly around the £5 mark and if you've got 223 issues to collect that's going to mount up.

Anyway, ending on ebay tonight, there are 2 Sonic covers by Mick and one interior page... 

Over here cover to issue 139  bids from £350 - finishes tonight at 8:45

and over here the cover to issue 146 bids from £350 - finishes tonight at 8:45

over here we have an inner page, bids from £125

20 September 2018

Sherlock Holmes graphic novels

Ages ago (here) I highlighted a Sherlock Holmes graphic novel that I'd picker up because:
a). I love Holmes
b). I love comics
c). It was £2; and
d). I remembered reading about it in Tim Quinn's autobiography and thinking "that'll be annoying to try and find on ebay - there'll be a million entries for The hound of the Baskervilles - I don't even know what I'm looking for"

Anyway, the good news is that I finally managed to pick up the 'sister' volume the other day, so here it is...

48 pages of black and white art throughout.

This is what Tim has to say about this particular publishing adventure in his autobiography...

Here's Tim & Gyles (photos taken some years apart given the change in the colour of Tim's hair)

Here's the back cover of the book advertising "volume 2" 

19 September 2018

Doomlord - original "art" from new Eagle

From the issue dated 09/10/82 (issue 29 - page 4 to be precise) here's an example of the photo 'art' (ok, fumetti) that defined/ruined (delete as appropriate) new Eagle - this is from the Doomlord strip.

18 September 2018

Kevin O'Neill draws for Forbidden Planet

From the winter of 1979/80 comes the cover to the Forbidden Planet film and TV catalogue #2 by Kevin O'Neill

This was the cover (by Brian Bolland) that featured on the cover of issue 1

17 September 2018

Romeo Brown & Garth - a two-in-one book

Inspired by an article on Down the Tubes a couple of weeks back (here) about newspaper strip character Romeo Brown I've fished out my copy of the only Romeo Brown book published in this country, 

It's a small rectangular book (only slightly larger than a copy of Commando really) that is hard to acquire, I've not seen many copies for sale over the years. 63 pages of risqué daily strips with our hero.

The other book mentioned is this one...
A4 size, 20 page booklet

16 September 2018

Comics and Beer - is happening today

This is today people - don't forget!

It seems like an ideal combination - comics and beer - so much so that if you're in Brighton on Sunday 16th September you can go to a pub and have a (small) swapmeet while you're there
There'll also be a small press table.

The pub is 5 minutes away from 'Dave's comics' shop in Brighton so no excuse not to pop in there as well. 

If you want a table head over to the 'London Loves comics' facebook page or find Lorne Brown on that facebook.

Here's the pub itself...

15 September 2018

early Brian Bolland work for Forbidden Planet

I present here 3 covers that Brian Bolland did for early Forbidden Planet catalogues, they are...

a). Science Fiction catalogue #1 (summer 1979)

b). also from the summer of 1979 here's the cover of the first film and TV catalogue

c). From the winter of 1979/80 here's issue 1 of the comic catalogue

14 September 2018

Merrick: The sensational elephantman 7+8

Currently tearing it up on Kickstarter and well on its way to smashing its £5,000 target are the next 2 issues of Tom Ward and Luke Parker's fantastic (in every sense of the word) serial 'Merrick: the sensational elephantman'

The funding for these 2 issues will see a 2 issue story arc 'Monsters' published - Will Merrick survive his battle against the ancient Lovecraftian maggot deity Phu-ggogot? What revelations will be unearthed about his own past? "Monsters" is a Victorian pulp adventure joyride, and a great jumping on point for new readers.

Full details can be found here - I've backed it and hope you will too

If you've not read these great comics before then here's an introduction to the world...

Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman is a Victorian gaslamp pulp adventure comic set in 1880s' London. Based on a fictional version of the life of Joseph Merrick, it steps between historical facts and turn of the century folklore juxtaposed with the American superhero comic conventions of super powers, masks, secret identities and fantastic adventures. 

When Joseph Merrick’s pregnant mother was knocked down by an escaped elephant, the phenomenon of maternal impression caused her child to develop the toughness and strength of an elephant. 
Spurned by genteel society because of his thick grey skin and mis-shapen body he acquired the stage name of Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman and travelled Europe as part of a sideshow, until his manager betrayed him and left him for dead. 
After dragging himself back to London on a quest for revenge, Merrick now finds himself embroiled with Dr Frederick Treves, one of the country’s greatest surgeons. 

13 September 2018

Comics and beer - Brighton 16 Sep

It seems like an ideal combination - comics and beer - so much so that if you're in Brighton on Sunday 16th September you can go to a pub and have a (small) swapmeet while you're there
There'll also be a small press table.

The pub is 5 minutes away from 'Dave's comics' shop in Brighton so no excuse not to pop in there as well. 

If you want a table head over to the 'London Loves comics' facebook page or find Lorne Brown on that facebook.

Here's the pub itself...

12 September 2018

Chris Wildgoose & Dan Boultwood at FP London tonight

This is tonight people, don't forget!

Forbidden Planet have announced a signing with Dan Boultwood, Chris Wildgoose and George Mann on Wednesday 12th September at 6pm
The 3 of them are the collaborators on the new comic title 'Newbury & Hobbes' - full details are here but are reproduced below anyway...

Writer George Mann (Dark Souls, Doctor Who, Warhammer 40,000) brings his steampunk mystery novels to comics for their 10th anniversary, alongside Dan Boultwood (It Came!, The Phoenix). 
Whether dismantling rogue automata, uncovering plots against The Crown, or putting down infestations of zombies - it’s all in a day’s work for Newbury & Hobbes!
The story in The Undying follow after the events in the latest Newbury & Hobbes novel, The Revenant Express, due in February 2019 - but can be read as a standalone story.
Every issue also comes with a brand-new Newbury & Hobbes prose short, written by George Mann!

11 September 2018

Arthur Ranson book, signing and exhibition announced

Orbital Comics are holding an exhibition, signing and launch entitled 'The art of Arthur Ranson'.

The art on display will cover the whole range of Arthur's illustrious career.

As you'll see from the above poster the signing of the new edition of Mazeworld & exhibition launch are on Friday 5th October and the exhibition runs for a month. Sounds good - see you there?

10 September 2018

Striker comic out on Wednesday

Back in April I covered the launch (here) of Pete Nash's efforts to raise £30,000 to launch, among other things, a weekly Striker comic (again).
The Kickstarter eventually raised £43,719 - smashing through the £30,000 barrier with just a few days to go if I remember rightly and so, tight on time, here's the cover of issue 1 of Striker comic.

As he explained at the time...

This Kickstarter project is for the first 12 weekly issues of the Striker comic - but our goal is to publish 50 weekly issues a year. Issues 13 onwards will be funded by the renewal of subscriptions and continued retail sales, combined with further Kickstarter projects.

The plans to reprint classic British football strips have been dropped due to a lack of space.

So if, like me, you backed this project watch out for your new weekly comic arriving soon.

Even if you didn't back the Kickstarter campaign you can still get a 4 week (or 12 week) subscription here...

4 week is here

12 week is here

Pete notes that, if you subscribe now, the deadline for getting issue 1 to you by Wednesday has passed but the comic will be sent out at the next available opportunity.

Every 32-page comic will be full of drama and laughs. Regular features include the main serialised comic strip plus other unmissable features like Wannabe Warriors - a comic strip on Warbury's academy - and Eric and Vanessa: The Way They Were - an illustrated serialised story charting the early years of Eric Openshaw and his trophy wife Vanessa.

There's also a guide to all the World League club owners, coaches and players - plus gossip, features and interviews with the larger-than-life characters in Striker. And to top it all, there will be details in every issue showing how to see Warbury play their weekly matches online in stunning 3D animation that you can watch for fun or - if you're over 18 - even have a flutter on.

9 September 2018

Comics at the British Library this autumn (3)

Paul Gravett chairs a panel (full details here) at the British Library this autumn... 

Visual narratives for personal stories

Graphic novels are proving themselves the unlikely arena for European artists and writers to come to confront difficult and untold 20th-century experiences.
Join Czech artists Tomas Kucerovsky and Toy Box, two of the authors of the collective project We’re Still at War and German-American author and illustrator Nora Krug (Heimat), to find out what drew them to tell personal and collective stories in graphic form.
Chaired by Paul Gravett.

We're Still At War sold more than 13,000 copies in the original Czech edition. The book features documentary comics in the style of Art Spiegelman's Maus, combining oral history with high artistry and contains 13 testimonies by people who experienced a totalitarian regime, either Nazi rule or communism.

Heimat by Nora Krug is a powerful and deeply affecting graphic memoir that explores identity, guilt and the meaning of home for a post-war German. Nora documents her journey investigating the lives of her family members under the Nazi regime, visually charting her way back to a country still tainted by war.
In collaboration with the Czech Centre London and Karolinum Press, supported by CzechLit – Czech Literary Centre, a section of the Moravian Library. Presented in partnership with EUNIC and the European Writers' Tour.

8 September 2018

Comics talks at the British Library this autumn (2)

The list of talks at the British Library this autumn has been released and there's a few highlights for comics fans...

Peake Under the Covers: The Master of Gormenghast
Fri 2 Nov 2018, 19:00 -  
A celebration with special guests Neil Gaiman, Liz Jensen and Chris Riddell - details can be found here but are reproduced below...

Mervyn Peake, who died 50 years ago this month, was a prolific and astonishingly original writer and artist. Best known today for creating the tangled world of Gormenghast he was also an accomplished painter, playwright, illustrator and poet. This celebration of his life and work includes contributions by writer Neil Gaiman, currently adapting Gormenghast for the screen, author Liz Jensen, and illustrator and writer Chris Riddell. With readings by Miranda Richardson.

The British Library is home to the Peake Archive.

With thanks to Clare Penate and Fabian Peake.
Image: Prunesquallors from Gormenghast courtesy of the Mervyn Peake Estate


Name: Peake Under the Covers: The Master of Gormenghast
Where: Knowledge Centre
The British Library
96 Euston Road
Show Map      How to get to the Library
When: -
Price: Full Price: £15.00
Member: £15.00
Senior 60+: £12.00
Student: £10.00
Registered Unemployed: £10.00
Under 18: £10.00
Enquiries: +44 (0)1937 546546