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10 June 2023

Space jam the comic (1996)

As part of my seemingly endless look at all comics produced in the '90s here's Space Jam the comic. All images swiped from ebay.

Written by David Cody Weiss
Illustrated by Leonardo Batic, Alberto Saichann & Horacio Ottolini

9 June 2023

UPDATED: Superted - Marvel UK

Inspired by this post (from friend of the blog Michael Carroll) I thought I'd start trying to fill in the gaps in his (our? my?) knowledge of Superted comic. You know what though? Michael's right...there isn't much out there about Superted comic. A covers gallery is better than nothing though...

Now updated with a holiday special cover

Superted issue 1 - 10th March 1990

Superted issue 2 - 24th March 1990

Superted issue 3 - 7th April 1990

Superted issue 4 - 21st Apirl 1990

Superted issue 5 - 5th May 1990

Superted issue 6 - 19th May 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 7 - 2nd June 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 8 - 16th June 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 9 - 30th June 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 10 - 14th July 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 11 - 28th July 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 12 - 11th August 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 13 - 25th August 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 14 - 8th September 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 15 - 22nd September 1990

Superted issue 16 - 6th October 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 17 - 20th October 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 18 - 3rd November 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 19 - 17th November 1990

Superted issue 20 - 1st December 1990
image not to hand - can you help?

Superted issue 21 - first monthly issue - cover date TBC
image not to hand - can you help?

At some point Redan were publishing a Superted comic - see below - these issue are #26 & #40 so I wonder if they just took over the licence from Marvel UK at some point and just carried on with the numbering (rather than re-starting from #1?)

So like Michael says there's a lot we don't know about Superted ...
 - how long it ran for?
 - did Redan take over the licence and numbering from Marvel UK
 - when did it end?

...but hopefully we'll fill in a few gaps as we go along. I'd have to say that the covers of Superted appeal to me much more than the likely contents.

Interestingly Redan also published this summer special at some point - as you can see the cover of issue 4 (published by Marvel UK) has been re-cycled for this cover. 

8 June 2023

Art of Jock website launches

Over here I notice that Jock has a new website for his wares - he's been selling original art here and you can sign up for a newsletter to get e-mail alerts when hew stuff goes up for sale. You'll have to move fast though, all the art below sold really quickly!

7 June 2023

UPDATED: Terminator salvation comic (2009)

2009 saw Titan comics publish this short-lived comic series (as a tie-in to the recent movie release) - only 4 issues were produced (is says here). Already the internet seems to have forgotten about this comic - as I can't find cover images for issues 3 or 4. If you can help then just let me know.

Now updated with poor quality cover images for issues 3&4 - that I found here

Terminator salvation comic, Titan comics, issue #1, June 2009, £2.99

Terminator salvation comic, Titan comics, issue #2, July 2009, £2.70
a rare example of a 2nd issue of a comic costing less than the 1st issue!

Terminator salvation comic, Titan comics, issue #3, August 2009, £??

Terminator salvation comic, Titan comics, issue #4, September 2009, £??

6 June 2023

Kieron Gillen masterclass announced

This is tonight - don't forget! 

The Guardian Masterclasses have announced a "How to write a comic book" masterclass with comics writer Kieron Gillen. All details are here - they say..
A unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading comic book writers.

Marvel is having a moment. From the minute details in the world-building to the complexity of the characters and the scale of the stories, there are few things more exciting than a really brilliant comic book.

If you have an idea or concept for your own comic, but aren’t sure how to break into a seemingly closed industry, this masterclass with Marvel’s Kieron Gillen is for you. The writer of a huge range of comics - including the critically acclaimed The Wicked + The Divine, and Marvel Comics’ Young Avengers - Kieron will give you the advice he wishes he had heard at the start of his career.

Combining anecdotes, practical takeaways and a breaking down of individual stories and pages (plus Q&A), Kieron will take you through how to construct your jump-off point into a strong story, how the industry works - and doesn’t work, how to maintain your unique voice and style in a process that might involve more opinions than you’re used to - and more.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of the leading comic book writers in the world. If you’re in the early stages of crafting your own comic, you’re trying to get yours to land in a difficult industry, or if you simply have a story to tell, this is an unmissable chance to have your questions answered, and - more importantly - be on your way to realising your comic writing dream.

Course content

  • What a comic script is, what it isn’t and how to make yours yours without making an artist want to kill you.
  • The whole Process - from the idea to the finished book to show the world.
  • How do you work with artists, editors, inkers, colourists and everyone else. What works? What’s ethical? What’s both?
  • Narrative structure, at every level - the panel, the page, the issue, the series.
  • How to identify the things in comics that are actively magical and how to make your own…
  • Q&A

This course is for…

  • Aspiring comic book writers who want to learn the fundamentals before approaching their first project
  • Early career writers who are looking for advice and insight into the industry landscape
  • Anyone interested in exploring the artistic process of writing comic books

Tutor profile

Kieron Gillen is a British comic book writer. He is known for co-creating the acclaimed comics The Wicked + The Divine, DIE and Once & Future. He has also worked on numerous projects for Marvel Comics, including Uncanny X-Men, Darth Vader, Young Avengers, Iron Man, Star Wars and Eternals.

Course Details

  • Date: Tuesday 6 June 2023
  • Time: 6pm-8.30pm (BST)

A catch up recording will be shared after the class and will be available for two

£65 plus £3.56 booking fee (the cost is less if you're a patron)

Find all other Kieron Gillen mentions on the blog right here - including his first EVER comic work

5 June 2023

Comics reference books of Colin Morgan

My look at comic reference books has, to date, covered a number of authors such as...

Lofts & Adley is here
Alan Clark is here 
Dennis Gifford is here 
David Ashford is here
Ray Moore is here

Now it's the turn of Colin Morgan. Just the two books from him

First up is The Rover index. This volume covers the years 1945-73. Ray Moore said of this " excellent little book that inspired me to create the Dandy Monster Index three years later. Colin was a lovely man and much missed these 20 years and more". Originally published in 1982. 52 pages including covers, A5 sized, priced at £1.75. "This is a GOLDEN FUN publication" it proudly declares on the back cover. No copyright date but the introduction is dated November 1982.

Ray also said "Colin did produce a much smaller booklet Rover 1942-44 that he gave to a few friends". 

I've now acquired a copy of that booklet and in the introduction Colin says "...When compiling the introduction to the original 'Rover Index' in 1982 I wrote that a revised edition might be published at a later date if information on earlier issues became available. This is that update, taking the story back to the beginning of 1943 and re-writing the 1945 entries to fill in the omissions. This will be the last update in this form as you will now have to be patient and wait for the NEW 'Rover Index' as compiled by Colin Morgan and Derek Marsden in the series to come under the banner of 'Triple M Publications'."

The booklet is very slim - just 12 A5 pages in total (including the covers) and with the index itself only taking up 6 of those pages. On the back of the index it says...
First supplement to THE ROVER INDEX 1945-73, published by Golden Fun 1982.
(c) Colin Morgan 1994
Triple M Publications (limited edition only) 8 copies 3.4.94

So while Ray may have gotten the years covered by the index very slightly wrong he wasn't wrong when he said it was a much smaller booklet given  to a few friends! 8 copies only! Wow, that's about the smallest print run I've ever seen for anything I own.

4 June 2023

Frank Hampson - Atlantines sketch

The latest Compal auction closes this afternoon (14:24 BST) and my favourite lot has, at the time of writing, yet to attract any bids despite being a astonishingly rare opportunity to acquire an original piece of Frank Hampson production artwork. 

It's up for sale here and bidding opens at £1,260 - good luck if you bid!

3 June 2023

Space Kingley - annuals & more

I've long thought of adding to all my '50s space heroes posts on here by adding something about a slightly more forgotten space hero - yes, it's Captain "Space" Kingley. The Book Palace currently have the 3 Space Kingley annuals for sale signed by (artist) Ron Jobson. Links are as follows...

The first two annuals clearly have dustwrappers; no sign of a wrapper on the third one.
For sale here

For sale here

For sale here

I've also spotted this link to Down The Tubes where there's a Space Kingley jigsaw - apparently there were 4 different jigsaws in total

2 June 2023

UPDATED: Ace Ventura, pet detective comic

 A recent episode of 'Sonic the comic the podcast' (#88 to be precise) reminded me of the existence of the Ace Ventura, pet detective comic. I thought I'd follow up that with a covers gallery but it turns out to be a tough series to find covers for. The Grand comics database list it as lasting 11 issues - but it only has a cover for issue #7. Contributors to #7 include Tom Frame, Dan Abnett & John Moore.

Any help finding these other issues would be much appreciated!

All updates are shown in red - with thanks to Nick Buckler for these

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #1, November 1996, £1.20

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #2, December 1996, £1.20

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #3, January 19997, £1.20

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #4, February 1997, £1.20

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #5, March 1997, £1.20

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #6, April 1997, £1.20
image not to hand - can you help?

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #7, May 1997, £1.20

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #8, June 1997, £1.20

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #9, July 1997, £1.20

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #10, August 1997, £1.20
image not to hand - can you help?

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, issue #11, September 1997, £1.20

various issues 

1 June 2023

Marvel UK - a gathering of heroes (1992/3)

I understand that this is a real Marvel UK rarity - so good luck tracking it down! For those not lucky enough to have a copy to hand here's a glimpse inside the Marvel UK new projects booklet 1992/3 'A gathering of heroes'.