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16 June 2019

The Broons calendars part 2

Well part 1 of my guide to the calendars of The Broons family (here) is hopefully going to be updated soon with some improved images from DC Thomson (yay!) but in the meantime here's the next phase of calendars for you to collect, 2011-2015...

15 June 2019

Masters of comics signing today

This is today, don't forget! See some of you there?

Gosh comics have announced (here) that they'll be having a signing to celebrate the publication of Joel Meadows book 'Masters of comics'...
As it says on the website...

To celebrate the release of Joel Meadows’ new book Masters of Comics, we’ll be hosting a signing with three of the incredible artists profiled in the book: Laurence Campbell, Posy Simmonds and Sean Phillips will be here (along with Joel) on Saturday June 15th, 1-2pm!

Similar to his 2008 book Studio Space, Joel has spent time in the studios of some of the most celebrated talents in the comics business, taking photos and conducting interviews.
Readers are invited into the studio spaces of some of the most popular and prolific comic artists in the world. Through dynamic photography and exclusive interviews, Masters of Comics offers a rare, personal look at these artists' unique creative environments-spaces in which some of the greatest comics and graphic novels of the last fifty years took shape. Curated by Joel Meadows, editor of Tripwire Magazine, the book includes chapters on such legends as Milo Manara, Mike Kaluta, Walter Simonson, and more. The first in a series focusing on artists at work in a variety of mediums and industries, Masters of Comics offers a glimpse "behind the veil,"  shining new light on the artistic process, as well as providing a wonderful learning tool for aspiring artists wishing to learn from the greats.

Laurence Campbell, a former 2000AD contributor, is a long-time artist on the Mignolaverse titles, notably now bringing the long-running BPRD saga to its close.
Sean Phillips has carved out a place as one of the preeminent crime storytellers in comics, particularly in his collaborations with writer Ed Brubaker. The new series of Criminal has just recently launched.

Posy Simmonds is the pioneering British graphic novelist behind classics such as Gemma Bovery, Tamara Drewe and her newest title Cassandra Darke.
Laurence, Sean and Posy are all featured in the book and will be appearing with Joel to sign here on Saturday June 15th, 1-2pm!

If you can’t make it but would like something signed, drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or mail order. Copies of Masters of Comics can be pre-ordered via our webstore.

14 June 2019

The Broons calendars part 1 - help needed

Continuing my strange obsession with comics characters on calendars (Oor Wullie is here; Judge Dredd is here; Commando is here) let's have a look at The Broons

This one (1997) is the earliest one I can find...

Then there's a few years when there were clearly calendars produced (see below) but I just can't find decent images of them - let me know if you can point me in the right direction...

Some more images of late '90s calendars...







13 June 2019

rare Captain Britain merchandise up for grabs

Phil Shrimpton has kindly agreed to let me share these images of a particular piece of Captain Britain merchandise that he's currently selling (here)...yes it's a Captain Britain pinafore, I mean, chest motif...apparently the original purchaser was rather underwhelmed with this (really?) and never played with it's in such great condition now...

Check out those (plastic) wrist bands...

This Cap. merchandise reminded me that there were Captain Britain jigsaws my head there were only a couple but as you can see (from my ebay swipes) below, there were (at least) 4 jigsaws...

I don't own any of these so can't tell you if there are titles or numbers to help identify them further (and show us if there are any more jigsaws), anyway, keep your eye peels in your local charity shops for these beauties...

12 June 2019

Judge Dredd t-shirts, 1992 vintage

In a break from all of this talk of comic characters on calendars I spotted these 2 bits of obscure pieces of ('90s) licensed Judge Dredd merchandise on evilbay last night

First one (end today, about 6:30pm) can be found here - opening bid of £5 

And if you have deeper pockets (opening bid is £90) then head over here (auction ends Sunday 16th June just after 7pm) for another kids t-shirt from Fleetway

Don't know enough about these to say if there were plenty of other t-shirts in the range or no others - anyhoo, Fleetway issued licences for a stack of Dan Dare merchandise at about the same time, must see if I can fish that out. 

11 June 2019

Oor Wullie calendars - a guide to collecting

Following on from some recent postings all about calendars (here and here) someone suggested I could look for calendars featuring the Oor Wullie

Now, I'm not a collector of Oor Wullie merchandise (and there's a LOT out there these days) - so here are all the Oor Wullie calendars I could find - if I've missed any just let me know...

10 June 2019

Posy Postcards - part 3

The final selection of postcards acquired at the brilliant Posy Simmonds exhibitions at the House of Illustration (details here)

From Baker Cat

From Gemma Bovery

A poster image for the Angouleme comics festival

From Fred

You might recognise this from the opening credits to the Cranford TV series - but it's a Dorset landscape from Tamara Drewe

9 June 2019

Tammy & Jinty special 2019 - signing announced

Forbidden Planet have announced a signing to celebrate the release of the Tammy & Jinty special 2019 - let's see what the had to say about it...

Tammy and Jinty were two of Britain’s best-loved girls’ comics in the 1970s and ’80s - groundbreaking female-led comics that covered everything from science fiction and fantasy to romance and domestic drama.
This June, these classic titles return in the 48-page Tammy & Jinty Special, retooled for the 21st Century! A host of the finest modern creators pay tribute to this legacy of trail-blazing comics while introducing a new audience to the medium!
None other than Rob Williams (Roy of the Rovers), Jim Campbell, V V Glass (Assassin’s Creed), Emma Beeby (Mata Hari) and many more present daring girl-led tales of roller derby, archaeology, codebreaking, ballet, space adventure and more!

You can join LIZZIE BOYLE, KIT BUSS, ANDY CLIFT, V V GLASS, JIM CAMPBELL and at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 22nd June 2019 from 3 – 4pm.

8 June 2019

To help pass the time in the iso-cubes

I've looked at Comics calendars before (see here and here) but didn't realise there had ever been any Judge Dredd calendars before until a conversation about it popped up on the '2000AD & Judge Dredd tat and chat' facebook group.

So with thanks to Ian Anorak Hollingsworth (and ebay!) here we go...

The 1989 calendar - presumably published by Titan as the images look like the covers from their reprint volumes

Calendar for 1993

Calendar for 2016 (front and back cover)

Calendar for 2017