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1 December 2023

PS artbooks, sampler LFCC 2013

Here's a sampler (although at 180 pages it's hard a 'sample', more like a whole catalogue!) from PS artbooks of their wares produced exclusively for London Super Comic Con (which ran from 2012-17) in 2013.

Of most interest to fans of Frank Hampson / Dan Dare are the pages in the sample that would subsequently appear in 'Tomorrow revisited'. Most interesting amongst the 11 pages are these 2 (below) which don't appear in 'Tomorrow revisited'

Also, can you help guess the signatures?
I think it's Christopher Fowler (top right), Keith Page (in the gun barrel) and unknown (bottom middle)

London super comic convention, 2013, front cover art by Neal Adams

London super comic convention, 2013, rear cover art by JK Woodward

30 November 2023

Maxwell the magic cat, volume 3

The four slim reprint volumes (published by Acme press) of Alan Moore's Maxwell the magic cat newspaper strips are surely high on the wants list of any Moore aficionado. Volumes 1 and 2 seem a little easier to get hold of than volumes 3 and 4 but I've long been more interested in volumes 3&4 as I knew they had Maxwell work by other artists in.

Below we have the artistic highlights of volume 3 - the original art of these images (along with those in volume 4) were all auctioned off at UKCAC87 for charity.

Art by Bryan Talbot

Art by Garry Leach

Art by John Bolton

Art by Graham Higgins (top) and Dave Gibbons (bottom)

Art by Ian Gibson
this fast-driving truck driver is clearing dead cats off the front of his cab - nice!

29 November 2023

Celebrity comics - Ovide

I've occasionally looked at publisher Celebrity comics in the past...

Count Duckula is here
The wisdom of gnomes is here
Wanted is here
Rupert is here

and now we have Ovide comic

Ovide comic, issue #1, October, 60p

Ovide comic, issue #2, November, ??p
image not to hand - can you help?

Ovide comic, issue #3, December, 65p
the price has already gone up 5p!

28 November 2023

Frank Hampson & the Calouste Gulbenkian gallery

I spotted this poster for sale online recently and it piqued my interest for lots of reasons, but mainly because I'd not come across this exhibition before. It wasn't on for very long, and I'm not even sure what year it was on but it does feature Pip Warwick's Mekon sculpture - see post here

I'd be delighted to find out more about this exhibition so if you can help do get in touch, thanks!

27 November 2023

Eric Parker & Aims of industry

Here's a comics oddity from c. 1950 - it was produced by 'Aims of Industry' (an independent lobby group for business leaders in industry - said the ebay seller). Just 4 pages in total, art by Eric Parker. A rare item this one! One for all your fans of benevolent capitalism.

You can see all other references to Eric Parker on the blog here
You can see all other references to advertising material on the blog here

26 November 2023

UPDATED: Street Sharks comics (1997)

My ongoing quest to document all '90s comics finally reaches Street Sharks - there was a Street Sharks comic published in the US by Archie Comics. This does not look like a reprint of that. Looks like originated British material in amongst plenty of non-comics content. 

It lasted at least 8 issues - any help filling in the gaps in my covers gallery is much appreciated. 

Update for this post - cover for issue 7 identified

Street Sharks, issue #1, £1.25

Street Sharks, issue #2, £1.25
image not to hand - can you help?

Street Sharks, issue #3, £1.25

Street Sharks, issue #4, £1.25

Street Sharks, issue #5 £1.25

Street Sharks, issue #6, £1.25

Street Sharks, issue #7, £1.25

Street Sharks, issue #8, £1.25

There was also an annual (published by Grandreams)

25 November 2023

Eric Parker - roughs (part 3 of 4)

I've recently begun a lengthy series of blog posts all about renowned illustrator Eric Parker (check out his Wikipedia entry here) who had a 50 year (!) career as a comic illustrator.

I've looked at Roughs (part 1) here
Roughs (part 2) here

and now some more roughs...

Looks like some sort of Dickensian ne'er-do-well

24 November 2023

UPDATED: Artist sketchbooks

I've enjoyed looking at the various programmes that have been produced to support all sorts of comic conventions over the years - one of the highlights for me in attending such a show is to meet the artists and to (just maybe) come away with an example of their art. If you can't afford a piece of original artwork then maybe a sketchbook from them is the next best thing? I've looked at many of these sketchbooks individually but I thought it was worth bringing all these posts together - and adding a few new images in too. Enjoy!

UPDATED - now with this Alan Davis sketchbook
it's described thus... a large size sketchbook of preliminary/unreleased/final art to covers/commissions Alan has done over the last decade or so.

I've looked at the sketchbooks of Simon Bisley before (here) and I see there are some new sketchbooks to buy, here they are...

The current sketchbook (dated 2021) is for sale here

Warning these links may have expired...

This edition (limited run of 700 copies) is available here for $40 but hurry, there aren't many left

This version (limited edition of 150 copies) is available here for $50 but hurry, there aren't many left

This version (limited edition of 150 copies) is available here for $175 but hurry, there aren't many left

Previous Bisley sketchbooks...

Simon Bisley sketchbook - 2018, 64 pages, limited edition of 400 copies

Simon Bisley sketchbook - 2018, 64 pages, limited edition of 100 copies

There also seems to have been this version too...

Simon Bisley sketchbook - 2008, 32 pages, limited edition of 1000 copies

All previous mention of Simon's work can be found on the blog here

Glenn Fabry sketchbook 1
I looked in more detail at this sketchbook here and here

Glenn Fabry sketchbook 2

Glenn Fabry sketchbook 3
I've looked at Glenn's work a few times on the blog - check out all the posts here

New addition to this post - The artbook of Glenn Fabry - limited to 100 copies and with an original retail price of 100 euro

Also new for this posting - Monograph by Glenn Fabry

Duncan Fegredo

David Millgate
Art from Sinister Dexter co-creator and Judge Dredd artist. This high quality 48 page A4 art-book, featuring concept art, sketches, 2000AD art, pencil, colour and inked work, produced with permission from 2000AD.

The first print run was just 100 copies, retailing at £14.99 plus postage (£3.00 UK), it was initially on sale at ICE Comic Con in Birmingham on 9th September 2017.
Or you can STILL pre-order a signed copy via Baden James Mellonie via Paypal (for £17.99 UK, please ask about non-UK postage before ordering) or contact Baden on Twitter @MelMellonie

Frank Quitely

widely available - 128 pages, the Amazon blurb says

With three decades of comic art behind Frank Quitely, Drawings + Sketches selects work from Jupiter's Legacy, Jupiter's Circle, WE3, Pax Americana and more offering insights into the stories and processes behind them. Comics were invented in Glasgow. It is fitting then that Glasgow should be home to Frank Quitely, known worldwide for drawing Batman, Superman and X-Men. A standalone beautiful and inspiring art book, a must-have for any fan or aspiring comics creator.

John Higgins sketchbook
I didn't get this from an actual comic convention in Moscow, instead I got it at the 2000AD 40th birthday event in 2017, A5 sized, 44 pages

Chris Weston sketchbook, US comic book size, 40 pages, colour plus black & white illustrations

rear cover...
I looked here at this sketchbook in some more detail 

Boo Cook sketchbook - A5 sized
As it says inside "...sketches from 32 sketchbooks over 27 years"

Graeme Neil Reid sketchbook (2010), US comic sized, 28 illustrations
limited edition of 30 copies

Graeme Neil Reid sketchbook (2008), US comic sized, 28 illustrations

Graeme Neil Reid sketchbook (2012), US comic sized, 28 illustrations

Gary Erskine sketchbook, A4 sized, 60 pages, colour 

Which was then reprinted (and enlarged) and looks like this...
You can buy it here

Cam Kennedy sketchbook 1

Cam Kennedy sketchbook 2
I looked at these sketchbooks in more detail here

Brian Bolland sketchbook
Only 500 printed (according to the seller on ebay where I've swiped this image from)

Staz Johnson
You can buy this here

These two I picked up at the recent Lawless convention - sketchbooks by D'emon D'raughtsman D'Israeli 

All sketchbooks can be found on the blog here