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5 March 2021

Keith Burns double page Johnny Red spread

Friend of the blog Norman Boyd has pointed me here where US auction house Heritage Auctions have a page of Keith Burns art from his Johnny Red work up for auction.

The (coloured) pages appeared as pages 2 & 3 of issue 5 (dated March 2016) entitled Bastards and suckers.

As I type the bid is currently $62 (before buyer's premium) - it has 14 days to go (so I think it ends on 12th March). I'm sure the hammer price won't be $62.

4 March 2021

Original Robot Archie artwork up for sale

The regular Catawiki auctions (based in the Netherlands so you need to be aware of potential Brexit related issues regarding importing your potential wins) end tonight (Thursday) and have just two pieces of British comics art in them. Both are Robot Archie pages from Lion by Edward 'Ted' Kearon.  

Lot 45404839 is here and appears to be dated 17th Feb 1968 

The 2nd lot is number 45404231 here and is a half-page from 1965 and is the end of the 'Return of the mole man story'.

3 March 2021

UPDATED: Keith Burns covers for Commando

I first came across Keith Burns art when he illustrated the Titan comics Johnny Red series, since then he's just started illustrating Commando covers and the covers are fantastic. Here are the covers he's done so far...

Commando 5209 - American avenger

Commando 5215 - a matter of honour

Commando 5229 - shadow in the storm!

Commando 5241 - steel inferno

Commando 5251 - Radar raiders

Commando 5259 - Braddock

Commando 5267 - Braddock demons

Commando 5289 - the Wombat and the Tiger

Commando 5297 - fog of war

Commando 5299 - Sladen's promise

Commando 5307 - Stealing Stukas

Commando 5315 - Ironhide

Commando 5329 - Blitzkrieg west

Commando 5335 - Durand's Dunkirk

Commando 5337 - Dodger's Dunkirk

This issue is interconnected with issue 5337 Durand's Dunkirk but told from the perspective of the British fighting to stop their retreat.

Commando 5353 - Outgunned!

Commando 5355 - Bullseye Bruno

Commando 5377 - Third time lucky

Commando 5385 - The flying emu

Commando 5395 - HMAS Expendable

Commando 5411 - Ready for Anything!

Commando 5417 - The girls on the guns

2 March 2021

UPDATED: Cosmic magazine

The other day (here) I looked at Take a Break spin-off magazine - "Cosmic - the BEST kids' magazine in the universe" - this starred Captain Cosmic (who has his own annual here). I've now identified further issues of Cosmic and present them here...

Contributors are as follows:

Scripts: Guy Campbell
Pencils: Paul Moran
Inks: Simon Ecob
Colour: James McAlister

Plus for the final issue (red cover, dated 11-24 February 1999) there's also...
Glenn Dakin providing the script for the Taliska story, Adrian Salmon providing the pencils & Bambos Georgiou the inks. David Leach also get a shout out.

Volume 1
Cosmic magazine - August 1997
Volume 1 is thought to last 5 issues (so Aug-97 to Dec-97)

Volume 2
Volume 2 is 13 issues long; monthly dated issues from Jan-98 to Dec-98 and then up to at least issue 13 (which is dated 26 November - 9 December 1998). So I suppose there could be an issue 14, which would be dated 10 December 1998 - 23 December 1998, which seems an odd date to finish the year on. I suspect there were only 13 issues as these could have been published 4-weekly with then a 'Christmas' issue to make up the gap between publishing monthly and publishing every 4 weeks.

Cosmic magazine - issue 8
This is dated August 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 9
This is dated September 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 10
This is dated October 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 11
This is dated November 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 12
This is dated December 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 13
This is dated 26 November 1998 - 9 December 1998

Volume 3
Cosmic magazine - issue 4
The dating of issue 4 as 11 Feb - 24 Feb means that previous issues must have been dated as follows:
Issue 3 = 28 Jan - 10 Feb
Issue 2 = 14 Jan - 27 Jan
Issue 1 = 1 Jan - 13 Jan
so Cosmic has moved from being published "monthly" to being published every fortnight

Sadly I've no idea how many further issues / volumes there were - if you know (or can fill in any of the gaps above) do just get in touch.

The format is consistent throughout...52 pages, plenty of comics, quizzes, competitions, posters, information, reviews - all that sort of stuff really that kids love. Issues have a Captain Cosmic strip at the start followed by Taliska's travels in time strip.

Further details have come to light since that first post...

1 March 2021

Limited edition books - Adam Riches

I'm familiar with these two really good book from Adam Riches...

I got my copies by winning a prize in the local newspaper! They're well worth tracking down.

What I wasn't familiar with was the fact that the books also came out in a limited edition as well - all wrapped up in a slipcase and in a box. Copies are available on ebay - this is what they look like...

and also,,,