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11 August 2020

The Highlands International comic Expo

I've looked a few different conventions before....
Bristol comic expo (2004-2014) is here
London comic festival 2003 is here
Kev Sutherland festival original art is here
A 'Lawless 2019' miscellany is here
Boys and Girls exhibitions of the 1950s and '60s is here
Glasgow comic art convention is here
Edinburgh art convention is here
UKCAC - part 1 - is here
UKCAC - part 2 - is here
UKCAC - part 3 - is here
BICS convention is here

...and now we reach a new con - Hi-Ex! Yes it's the (Scottish) Highlands International comic expo

Hi-Ex! - 2008
The inaugural convention...with thanks to Jeremy Briggs

Hi-Ex! - 2009
The 2nd convention, cover by Mick McMahon...with thanks to Jeremy Briggs

Hi-Ex! - 2010 - cover art by Colin MacNeil
with thanks to Alan Henderson

Hi-Ex! - 2011
Cancelled - see story here

Hi-Ex! - 2012 - cover art by Tanya Roberts
with thanks to Alan Henderson

In a slightly similar vein here's a 28 page US comic sized sketchbook from the 2010 convention by Graeme 'Commando' Neil Reid...
As you can read on Graeme's blog here he only produced 30 copies so good luck tracking down a copy!


  1. Richmond Clements was the driving force behind this fabulous event. I went twice part of the notorious Hell Trek. Great times!

  2. I own the original artwork for that Hi-Ex 2010 Programme cover - I love it!

  3. I own the original artwork for that Hi-Ex 2010 programme cover. I love it!