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19 March 2021

40th anniversary Eagle souvenir brochure

A question for all Dan Dare / Eagle fans out there...I spotted the item below (here) on ebay recently and I noticed that the brochure is one of the limited edition of 500 signed copies that were produced for the 40th anniversary exhibition. Specifically it's number 208 (of 500) and you can see it below...

So far, so good. Anyway, spotting it caused me to get my copy down off the shelf...see below...I realised that my signed copy is 
a). issue 9; and 
b). is in fact signed by 3 of the original Eagle artists (Greta Tomlinson, Jocelyn Thomas & Joan Porter)
...which made me wonder if there were a certain number that were signed by 3 artists (say the first 100 copies) and then the remainder were just signed by Greta Tomlinson? So, if you've got one of these brochure please can you let me know the number and whose signed it. Thanks!

For comparison, here's what the 'normal' edition looks like...

UPDATE: some other info that was supplied after I put this piece up on Facebook...

The editor of Eagle Times (see here for more details) has been in touch to say that he has #85 and, like my #9, it's signed by the 3 artists. 

Signed copy #211 - Greta Tomlinson only signature

I think we can probably conclude that issues 1-100 were signed by 3 artists and issues 101-500 were just signed by Greta Tomlinson.

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