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24 March 2021

Asterix presents Kryptyx magazine

Here's a title I know almost nothing about...

...from London Editions magazine. Described in the October 1982 edition (volume 5, #7; issue 49) of Denis Gifford's Association of comic enthusiasts newsletter thus...
Scheduled for launch next Tuesday (September 14 1982) is "Kryptix puzzle magazine", a 50p quarterly produced and distributed by London Editions magazines, of Heaton Lane, Stockport, Cheshire. On full sale or return, it will be supported by advertisements in The Sunday Times colour supplement. The 48-page title offers "puzzles and brain-teasers for all the family", featuring the widely-popular cartoon character, Asterix the Gaul. Each issues will carry a competition with £250 in cash prizes"

The image above is the cover from #2 - but I've also found the image below which is un-numbered for some reason

The Comics Price Guide (here) has it lasting 16 issues - if the magazine was quarterly then 6 issues would have it lasting until 1986. I don't think that can have been the case because in issue 62 of Denis Gifford's Association of comic enthusiasts newsletter (volume 7, #1; March/April 1984) has a note that the February 1984 issue (priced at 60p) is the last issue. Unfortunately no issue number or date is given. 

If it was indeed published quarterly then the schedule would have been something like:
Oct 1982
Jan 1983
April 1983
July 1983
Oct 1983
Jan 1984
April 1984
so that's not 16 issues. Hmmm, intriguing.

Any further clues anyone? Thanks

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