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6 March 2021

'All War' specials from Byblos

Following on from this post from friend of the blog Michael Owen Carroll I thought I'd just highlight the 6  seasonal special issues of the Byblos comic All War

Denis Gifford's Complete catalogue of British comics has 4 issues listed but there are 6 issues (at least). Here they are...

All War Holiday special 1980, 40p

All War Autumn special 1980, 40p

All War summer special 1981, 50p

All War winter special 1981, 50p

All War spring special 1982, 50p

All War summer special 1982, 50p

I looked at issues 1-5 of All War here and issues 6-13 of All War here . I still need issues 12 & 13 so if you have them do get in touch :)

I also looked at another Byblos title, Wheels, comic here and here

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