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2 March 2021

UPDATED: Cosmic magazine

The other day (here) I looked at Take a Break spin-off magazine - "Cosmic - the BEST kids' magazine in the universe" - this starred Captain Cosmic (who has his own annual here). I've now identified further issues of Cosmic and present them here...

Contributors are as follows:

Scripts: Guy Campbell
Pencils: Paul Moran
Inks: Simon Ecob
Colour: James McAlister

Plus for the final issue (red cover, dated 11-24 February 1999) there's also...
Glenn Dakin providing the script for the Taliska story, Adrian Salmon providing the pencils & Bambos Georgiou the inks. David Leach also get a shout out.

Volume 1
Cosmic magazine - August 1997
Volume 1 is thought to last 5 issues (so Aug-97 to Dec-97)

Volume 2
Volume 2 is 13 issues long; monthly dated issues from Jan-98 to Dec-98 and then up to at least issue 13 (which is dated 26 November - 9 December 1998). So I suppose there could be an issue 14, which would be dated 10 December 1998 - 23 December 1998, which seems an odd date to finish the year on. I suspect there were only 13 issues as these could have been published 4-weekly with then a 'Christmas' issue to make up the gap between publishing monthly and publishing every 4 weeks.

Cosmic magazine - issue 8
This is dated August 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 9
This is dated September 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 10
This is dated October 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 11
This is dated November 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 12
This is dated December 1998

Cosmic magazine - issue 13
This is dated 26 November 1998 - 9 December 1998

Volume 3
Cosmic magazine - issue 4
The dating of issue 4 as 11 Feb - 24 Feb means that previous issues must have been dated as follows:
Issue 3 = 28 Jan - 10 Feb
Issue 2 = 14 Jan - 27 Jan
Issue 1 = 1 Jan - 13 Jan
so Cosmic has moved from being published "monthly" to being published every fortnight

Sadly I've no idea how many further issues / volumes there were - if you know (or can fill in any of the gaps above) do just get in touch.

The format is consistent throughout...52 pages, plenty of comics, quizzes, competitions, posters, information, reviews - all that sort of stuff really that kids love. Issues have a Captain Cosmic strip at the start followed by Taliska's travels in time strip.

Further details have come to light since that first post...

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