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10 March 2021

UPDATED: Price guide updates

I've looked before (here) at British versions of comic price guides. My previous post looked at the earliest guides that were published, today it's a look at two comic price 'magazines'.

Both were published by Duncan McAlpine as 'interim' publications in between his annual price guides.

I've known about the first update magazine (below) for a long time but I'd never even seen a copy until one popped up on ebay the other day.
Cover art is by David Braysher (coloured by Bryan Marks) - A4 sized, full colour cover but black & white interior pages. For your £1.50 you get 64 pages of updated price for comics, 20 pages of adverts, commentary from comic shop owners on the state of the market and a long list of first appearances. From the peak of the comic speculator boom you can re-visit such titles as Harbinger #1 and ask yourself why is was worth £65 at the time (having been worth £3 the year before).

The 2nd (and final) version of the price guide update looks like this...
Cover art is by Dave Dorman. Same sort of format as before but a few pages of colour art inside, a guide to grading comics and a Comic Speculator News section.

There's also an interesting advert on page 118...

...for signed & hand-stamped plus numbered editions of the price guides. I've never seen any of these before - can anyone share any images etc. of what these editions look like?  

OK, so I've spotted a "signed and hand-stamped" edition of price guide #1 I'm still looking for examples of the "signed and numbered" versions of the guides. 

This is for sale here if you're interested


  1. Used to have all the price guides (some signed) but had to let them go a few years back. Still have interim issue 2 if you're interested.

    1. thanks for the offer but I have both issues of the 'interim' magazines - that first one took me a long time to find!