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9 March 2021

Catawiki auction this week

The Catawiki auction this week has an interesting selection of items by British comic artists...

This lot here is Mike Hubbard drawing 'Allan Quatermain' for Ranger

This lot here is Reg Parlett drawing 'Billy Bunter' 

This lot here is from Treasure and is by Clive Upton

This lot here is by Bill Lacey and is from Look and Learn - a page from 'Eagles over the Western front'

This lot here is by Edward Kearnon and is a 'Robot Archie' page from Lion

This page here is a Joe Colquhoun 'Paddy Payne' page from Lion

This page here is by Romero and is a Modesty Blaise strip

This page here is by Ron Embleton

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