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19 July 2017

an introduction to Buddy comic

Stood at a car boot sale on Sunday morning with a pile of comics in front of me wondering whether to buy them or not...that was me last Sunday...I'd vaguely heard of Buddy but didn't know much about it, I knew it was a DC Thomson title and my collecting interests are based around Hulton/Longacre/IPC/Fleetway titles - there's only so much room in the house, you've got to draw the line somewhere. I could see that the seller had 20ish issues for sale, I could see they weren't all consecutively numbered but I could see they went from issue 1-40. A quick google told me that the complete set of Buddy went well beyond issue 40 so this would only be a sample of the whole run, I wasn't on the verge of completing the set with my first purchase.

Anyhow, thought I should have a quick flick through and see if I could be tempted to buy 'em...

Cover's a bit bland, who's this lad? Buddy I guess. Very DC Thomson cover. Not inspired. Pop pistol long gone.

Ooh, but hang on, turn the page and there's the Wolf of Kabul that I've heard about (I'm a cricket fan so any story involving cricket in some at will grab my attention) - and the artwork is by Mike Dorey, all those dirty, smudgy pictures that he does so well.

I'm les interested in Andy Gray - although they must cover more interesting people from time to time.

Turn the page from Andy Gray and blow me down but there's 4 pages of Denis Mcloughlin's fantastically detailed art,

Jonah? Count me in some more, I love Jonah.

Hmmm, Billy the Cat - never read it but  people enthuse about it, maybe I should give it a go.

So my quick flick through encouraged me that there was more to Buddy than meets the eye, so I took the plunge and purchased the 22 issues for a fiver, why nor give buddy a try yourself?

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