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29 July 2017

Argon the Savage book 1

Argon the Savage (book one) has always seemed like an anomaly of a 2000ad/Fleetway Quality reprint. It's 62 pages of black & white art (printed slightly larger tha standard US comic book size) for a strip that did not appear in 2000ad or indeed in any Fleetway title, this is its sole appearance from an artists who you could hardly claim was a household name here in the UK.

As you can see from the blurb above its your "typical" psionic caveman meets spaceman tale, with art (see below) that reminds me a little of Jose Ortiz's masterful use of black and white.

An oddity by the artist who so beautifully illustrated "Dark Visions - an illustrated guide to the Amtrak Wars" - which we looked at (here) a while ago.

page 3 of the book

page 3 original art...

page 1 original art...

The last 2 imgaes are swiped from here and are for sale for 700 euro's each.

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