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7 July 2017

is an Oor Wullie annual worth this much?

The very earliest Oor Wullie annuals are particularly scarce, especially in high grade but even I was surprised to see one on offer for £25,000! The condition is superb. It's currently listed on ebay here, but if that's too much for, the seller, incredibly, has another copy...

...listed here for half the price

Still too much for you? Ok how about the seller's 3rd (!) copy of the annual, this is listed here for just £6,000

A more worn version of the 2nd book is also for sale c/o the same seller, this volume (here) is yours for £4,500
Comic Book Postal Auctions have sold publishers file copies of these 2 volumes before - in each case, the book sold for less than £5,000

Happy bidding!

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