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12 July 2017

King Solomon's mines - lost Eagle magazine strip

Over on Comic Art Fans (here) there's an opportunity to spend £5k on a comic strip that was never published.
The strip? King Solomon's Mines
The artist? Frank Bellamy
The comic? It was going to appear in the original Eagle magazine

Here's what the seller has to say
Episode # 3, from a total of three unpublished strips completed by artist Frank Bellamy. Intended for EAGLE magazine, as a replacement strip for FRASER OF AFRICA, but aborted when the Editorial team decided not to go with two consecutive African-based series - and replaced by MONTGOMERY OF ALEMEIN. Image size of approximately 20" x 12", artwork in excellent bright condition on heavy CS10 illustration board.

At one point the seller owned episodes 1-3 of this strip. The strip looks fantastic and I'm only sorry that there's only 3 episodes of this strip. The seller is the same one as yesterday's blog posting - selling the Modesty Blaise tryout art by Frank Hampson.

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