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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Tesco fun 'n games comic - part 1

A recent acquiition for me...yes back in the day before they (nearly) became the supermarket the planet relied on, Tesco used to publish  comics! Or one comic to be precise, which, according to this other very useful article here lasted for at least 38 issues and sold 150,000 copies a week, and yet it turns up so very rarely!

Here is some interior art for the catchily names 'Albert and Sidney and the Kennomeat men" - they don't make stories like that any more!

Here's famed Dan Dare artist Don Harley drawing a Captain Birdseye strip...

Not sure of the artist here, but as per all the other strips it's a one-pager for a particular foodstuff. Art is reminiscent of John Worsley, but I don;t think it's by him

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