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17 July 2017

What else can you do in Birkdale if you don't love golf?

As it's the Open golf tournament this week, I wondered if there were comic-y things you could do if you were in the area and not interested in the golf, so the question is what else can you do in Birkdale if you don't love golf (but do love comics)?

Plenty! The original Eagle magazine specifically as this part of the North-West is where the magazine has its genesis.

Located in the middle of Southport there's the Atkinson (formerly known as the Atkinson Art Gallery) has, as part of its permanent display, a section on Dan Dare...
photo: Dan Whitehead, from his review that he posted over on Down the Tubes (here

Then there's The Bakery in the Churchtown suburb where the very first issues of Eagle were put together, in recent times (as Mike Burrows shows on his blog here) it's been in a pretty dilapidated state...

...but it's looking much happier now...

And there's always St James church in Birkdale where Marcus Morris was the incumbent before he left to find fame and fortune as the editor of Eagle (and many other titles eventually)
More details here on the church.

Hope that's given you a few ideas for how to pass the time when you're not trudging around the course at Royal Birkdale this week.

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