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31 July 2017

Argon the Savage - book 2

Following on from 'Argon book 1' there was even a book 2 - again this is badged '2000ad' but it had never been printed in 2000ad so this seems a little bit optimistic to say the least!

Fernando Fernandez (according to this obituray here) died on the 9th August 2010. The obituary notes "...Only 17 when his first strips were published, Fernández filled the pages of British comics for the next decade, though he did so anonymously.

In the UK, he earned his reputation for his work on Fleetway's Air Ace Picture Library, the romance comics Valentine, Marilyn and Roxy, and a variety of book covers. In the US, he is remembered for his highly stylistic contributions to the publisher James Warren's horror comics, including the eerie Rendezvous, which was voted one of the leading stories to appear in Warren's magazines."

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