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11 February 2019

Wheels comic - 1978/9

Wheels comic was published by Byblos Publications in the late 1970s - Byblos published a series of comic all seemingly featuring foreign reprint material. I've not collected all their titles (Tarzan for instance) but a couple of titles have appealed to me - here's the first then, Wheels comic.

I'm not sure quite how many issues there were but as far as I can find out it's just these 8 issues so far...

Denis Gifford's Complete catalogue of British comics dates this preview edition as June 1978

Issue 1 - October/November [1978]

Issue 2 - Dec '78 / Jan '79

Issue 3 - February / March [1979]
The worst cover of the whole run - you can see the colouring in!

Issue 4 - April / May [1979]

Issue 5 - June / July [1979]
A cheap collage cover

Issue 6 - August / September [1979]
Another cheap collage cover

Issue 7 - October / November [1979] 
A 5p price rise but look at the improvement in the cover alone, the best cover to date - this could be on Action, new Eagle

And that's it (I think)

Coming soon! A look inside Wheels - it's an eclectic mix of foreign strips, I wonder where from, perhaps we'll never know.

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