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14 April 2017

Achtung Commando! - issue 1+2

Back in the day I remember seeing adverts in Comics International for this (occasional) series of "fanzines" for Commando. Fanzine doesn't really do them justice, these are A5, full colour throughout. If you could have got them in Tesco you'd be calling them a magazine. But there we go, editor Peter Richardson was doing his best dammit. Anyway, at the time I slightly balked at the price (£15 was a lot then), only bought issue 4, regretted not buying issues 1-3 and then spent years waiting fro them to turn up on eBay. Anyhoo, here are issue 1-2 and contents detail. Issue 3+4 coming up soon.

Contents are as follows:
52 pages
Interview with Ken Barr
The Commando index - issues 1-30 (publication date, cover art and story art)
Patrick Wright - an appreciation
Commando - a personal recollection (by David Whitehead)

Issue 2
Contents are as follows:
80 pages in this issue - the longest issue that was published
editorial & letters
Writing for Commando - by David Whitehead
50 years of writing with Syd J. Bounds - by Steve Holland
The Commando index - issues 31-60 (publication date, cover art and story art)
Denis Mcloughlin - by Steve Holland
Shooting from the hip - an interview with Denis McLoughlin

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