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26 April 2017

The art of Stranski - by Lorenzo Etherington

Who's Stranski? I hear you ask
Who's Lorenzo Etherington? I hear you ask

Ok, so he's not really called Lorenzo he's called Lawrence but he draws ace adventure comics - he often works with his brother (they're the Etherington brothers dont'cha know) - and their work has appeared in many places including The DFC comic and currently in the Phoenix comic where Lorenzo has illustrated Long Gone Don and Von Doogan.

He seems incredible prolific and he uses Kickstarter to fund some of his publishing ventures - he's produced a couple (!) of 600 pages books filled with his illustrations. He currently has a new Kickstarter running (here) for his latest project "Stranski" - see book scan above. It's got a week to go and is funded way in excess of his original target but I wanted to flag it up because it looks so cool and thought it might appeal.

In other news he's currently on a run of producing 4 covers for the Phoenix comic...

Last week's cover...
This week's cover..
More details about all things Etherington can be found here

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  1. The stuff by the Etherington Brothers was the only reason I stuck with the DFC for as long as I did - Monkey Nuts was brilliant! Bought the hardback version of that too, as well as Baggage... Might have to give this new one a look.