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29 April 2017

Bank holiday reading sorted - part 2

Oh, I got more than just those 4 comics shown yesterday, I also got...

New issue of Tales from the Tardis is now out, I find this impossible to get anywhere apart from WH Smith's, and I don't live near any branches of WH Smith's, so I was delighted that the Forbidden Planet megastore seemed to have a few copies in early....

Reading Asterix and Tintin books from the library was one of my earliest comics reading experiences, I've slowly (by which I mean acquiring copies only when I seem them for sale, I'm not trawling the net for copies - where would the fun be in that?) been collecting  this series by Rene Goscinny for a while now. The books have been published in English before but I'm focussing on this set by Phaidon. There are hardback and softback versions available. There are 5 volumes in all - Nicholas; Nicholas again; Nicholas on holiday; Nicholas and the gang; Nicholas in trouble.

And just popped through the letterbox today - review in full coming soon, in the meantime just enjoy that Ian Kennedy cover

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  1. Just picked up a very nice copy of the Valiant Annual 1973 from the local car boot!