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3 April 2017

new Eagle unknown cover artists - part 1

Quiz time!

My comic reference spreadsheet listing the contents, artists, writers, story titles etc. of all the comics I have collected has a few gaps in it and I'm hoping that some of you good people out there will be able to help me fill in at least some of the blanks...

1). new Eagle #323, 28th May 1988 - signed "AW" - but who is that? Andrew Wildman (that's a guess based on his initials rather than his style)
This is now confirmed as Anthony Williams

2). this is just signed "Simon"
This is confirmed as Simon Harrison

3). This one feels like it should be really easy but somehow my brain just isn't connecting..


  1. No 2 looks like it could be Simon Harrison, better known for Strontium Dog in 2000AD

  2. No 3 is giving me an Eric Bradbury vibe. And as Eric did a fair run on Doomlord, it makes sense.

  3. Anthony Williams, Simon Harrison (I think it names him inside)
    and the last looks a little like a Bradbury composition but there is a few bots throwing me off, the hands especially. Perhaps Bradbury, with help?