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21 April 2017

Leo Baxendale

Every comic collector out there wants Leo Baxendale book on their shelves right? I certainly do and I've managed to acquire the following from second hand bookshops, charity shops and the like over the years (so, that's why I haven't posted a picture of Willy the Kid book 1).

I remember this from the Guardian but don't recall realising somehow that is was by Baxendale
 Willy the Kid book 2 - front cover
and rear cover

Book 3 - this has a dustjacket over a plain blue cover
and here's the back cover

What this was doing in a 2nd hand record shop in Croydon (about 20 years ago) I have no idea

Acquired in the socialist bookshop just by the British Museum for a very comradely price, I was very happy.
You can buy Leo Baxendale items from his website here

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