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11 April 2017

How much has the rarest issue of Action been re-listed at?

What happened to the banned issue of Action that was for sale recently?
Action - the banned issue - for sale (yet) again

Previously ( I reported on the sale in October 2016 of the final issue of Action comic (dated 23rd October 1976). That was sold for £4110.75 (

This beat the hammer price of the previous copy (sold in May 2016) for £2555

Then another copy turned up, it was originally listed at £2,500...
but failed to sell - on 21st January 2017 for (bids from) £2,500;

It was then listed again ending 27th Feb 2017 for the reduced price of (bids from) £2,250
But again failed to sell.

It's been listed yet again, for bids starting from "just" £2,250
But again failed to sell.

And now (10th April - bidding ending 16th April) - bids are again from £2,250

Will it be a case of 4th time lucky or is the starting price going to have to come down??

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  1. What is a "Holy Grail" comic really?? In collecting terms the number of collectors out there who are huge fan's of the comic and have the money to pay these prices almost certainly can be counted on both hands, and they have obviously sated their interest in this comic. So, who's going to pay the big money for this comic if not collectors?? In the US everyone who can afford the so called "Holy Grail's" such as the first appearances of Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Flash, Wolverine, etc. are driving up prices to incredible heights, and this has led to investors stepping it. In the US corporations are buying these items, just as they do in the art market. Driving up the prices even more! But will this transfer to the UK market. ABSOLUTELY NOT! The highest price paid for a british comic is about £20,000. for the Beano and maybe the free gift was included? can't remember now. Anyway this is the price for a fantastic NM/M copy of say the first appearance of Wolverine in the Hulk!! In short this has obviously peaked and the collectors who want this have it and the investors don't exist in the UK who want to just speculate on this comic.