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18 April 2017

Monster wrestlers in my pocket - issues 1+2

I'm always keen to check out the more esoteric end of the British comics market - and sometimes that means delving into the world of the toy tie-in comic. So here we have not just Wrestlers in my pocket but Monster Wrestlers in my pocket. It's a whole new sub-set of a toy-line you'd probably forgotten about.
Anyway, here are the covers to the first 2 issues of this title (it only lasted 3 issues - so if you have a spare copy of issue 3 please let me know and I'll buy if off you!) - cover art is by Don Wazejewski ( who worked his way up from working in fanzines to illustrating strips in new Eagle and in Battle comic.

In both issues art is provided by Don and by Rob Sharp. Contents are adverts for other toys, 'character' profiles; some strip cartoons; games etc.

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