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1 April 2017

Comics update 2

After yesterday's post I realised I'd missed a few things out, so don't forget about the following...

1). Rok of the Reds - part 6 (the last part, sob!) is out at the end of the month and it's already available for pre-ordering

2. The latest issue of 'Tales from the Tardis' came out on Thursday...copies already available on ebay and in those few branches of WHSmith that stock it

3). last one's a bit different...but for those of you who loved Smash Hits...

It's gone but it's clearly not forgotten so we're about to reboot the world of the disco lungsmith, the cut-out-and-keep song lyric, the fright-haired video and the liberal application of Pan Stik, a sacred swingorilliant place where Jed out of Howard Jones forever discards his mental chains.

On Monday April 24 we’ll be celebrating the magazine that bestrode the ‘80s like a big bestriding colossus, the irreplaceable Smash Hits, the Party On Paper™ unafraid to ask pop stars like Alan Ant, Madge, Ver Bros and Lord Lucan of Mercury if they’ve ever been sick in a gumboot or warn BeyoncĂ© never to marry a man called Mister Castle. “Next issue – a duck, some tractors and a pound of lard!”

David Hepworth and Mark Ellen both edited this magnificent pop bible and will be joined by friends and fellow workers for an unmissable evening of tear-stained reminiscence.
Kicks off at 7.15pm in the usual place, the Islington pub in N1. Who knows, we may give away a Johnny Hates Jazz promotional t-shirt.
Keep the dream alive! etc. Tickets are available here - currently priced at £10

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