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13 June 2017

Buck Danny - mission 'apocalypse'

Following on from my post the other day about Thorgal before it was published by Cinebook (here) I thought I'd show another volume that had a publishing life before Cinebooks.

The title is "The adventures of Buck Danny - mission 'apocalypse'" and it looks like this...
46 pages (again, just like 'Thorgal - child of the stars'), published in the USA in 1988 by Amusement International Ltd. It's quite a thin volume. As far as I'm aware this is the only (English language) volume of stories that were reprinted before Cinebooks started publishing them.

Plenty of military tech. to feast your eyes on...

Rear cover image of Buck...

Cinebook (here) have, so date, published 7 volume of Buck's adventures. As they say...From the bloody episodes of WWII in the Pacific to the most modern developments in aviation, going from adventure to adventure, the aviator Buck Danny and his colleagues cross a half-century of American and world history. Joining an extraordinarily accurate sense of detail with the inspiration of great epics, Buck Danny’s adventures keep us in suspense and show us the hidden side of global geopolitics. The adventures of Buck Danny are a creation of Georges Troisfontaines, Victor Hubinon and Jean-Michel Charlier. The series was created for the magazine Spirou shortly after World War II, and was first published on January 2, 1947. After Hubinon's death in 1978, the drawing of the series was taken over by Francis Bergèse, who also took over the writing after Charlier passed away 11 years later.

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