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25 June 2017

Girl novels - part 2

This second 'set' of Girl novels are all much longer volumes than these but they are all very similar in design (red spine with the Girl emblem on it).

From 1958...Geoffrey Bond also wrote (Luck of the Legion novels) for Eagle. This tells how an amusing, but trivial, incident with a baker's horse leads Claudia to search for the member of an old circus troupe, long since disbanded. No-one is more surprised than Claudia at the strange people and places to which the long and exciting quest leads her.

From 1960...Peter Ling also wrote a character spin-off novel for Eagle (The three J's and the pride of Northbrook). Angela is on the London-New York-Bermuda flight as the story opens, having been previously warned to be on the constant lookout for gold smugglers. Could the quiet, sinister-looking couple be involved, or perhaps handsome Max, who wants to take her out? The story takes many exciting and unforeseen twists which puts Angela to the test, and lead her into some very unusual situations.

First published in 1958 and then reprinted in 1960 (none of the Eagle spin-off novels were ever re-printed). Susan Marsh, the popular young student nurse has a host of problems when a pretty new Sister comes to ST. Bride's Hospital from London - and not the least of them is what to about Rocky, the amiable young man who is nevertheless a deserter from the Army.

First published in 1961. Image taken from here

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