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19 June 2017

Dark Visions - the Amtrak wars

Continuing on from yesterday's not quite comics post, here's another...

As a sci-fi reading teen I loved Patrick Tilley's epic series The Amtrak Wars, which follows the adventures of Steve Brickman in a post-apocalyptic USA. A book I could never find at the time (probably very early '90s) was 'Dark Visions - an illustrated guide to the Amtrak Wars'. Having picked it for a few quid recently I can find see what I was missing out on.

Published in 1988 it's beautifully illustrated by Fernando Fernandez across 64 pages of an amazingly detailed glossary of the Wars - full of technical illustrations (not be Fernando) and set-piece images (like those shown below), which are by Fernando. In a world where there was no Wikipedia for the Wars this was the next best thing and is well worth searching if you're a fan of the books.

Copies are available on ebay from about £30 upwards (buy it now) or £175 (auction) - good luck with that!

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