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5 June 2017

English Heritage does comics (sort of)

I remember seeing this book in the shops when it first came out (in 2006) and despite my interest in football and old comics/magazines I decided that the £16.99 price tag was a bit steep for me so I left it.

However, spotting a copy at my local boot fair on Sunday morning I snapped up a (pretty much unread) copy for the princely sum of 50p.

Getting it home I was intrigued to see the English Heritage logo and the "played in Britain" branding. A quick look at the played in Britain website (here) reveals some great books about our sporting past. It also reveals that as well as the 'main' Football monthly book (170+ pages, A4, full colour throughout) there were also 4 spin-off annuals for a number of individual clubs...

Anyway, not strictly comics, but certainly the 'main' book (I don't (yet!) own any of the club specific volumes provides a great comparison to the sport as it stands today.

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