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20 June 2017

What I've bought recently (part 1)

Off for a few days to watch some cricket, so I thought I'd just post some example of what I've been buying recently...

Jamie Smart's Bunny cs. Monkey is a treat and the Phoenix is a better comic for having him in it. It's also good to see his strips get the collected treatment, although he's so prolific the Phoenix can't keep up with him! Delightful art, silly stories, killer inventions all for 50p from a charity shop, marvellous
Get all your Jamie nonsense here

Next up is an ebay purchase, I've only got one last issue of Red Dagger to collect and about a dozen issue of (its girls companion title) Lucky Charm to collect. It's a hard series to collect as (affordable) copies turn up infrequently. Quite a number of the issues have Ian Kennedy cover, but a great deal of patience is required if you're after the full set.  

Another 50p well spent in a charity shop on Neill Cameron and Kate Brown's tale of surfing, kids and a long buried secret. Neill (more details here) and Kate (more details here) have worked on a number of strips for the Phoenix and Tamsin and the Deep has even gone on to a second volume). For more grown-up children than Jamie Smart's work (see above) but that variety is what makes the Phoenix interesting.

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