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3 June 2017

What I found on my holidays...

More about where I've recently been on my holidays (think it wins the award for Britain's geekiest high street!) but until then, this is what I picked up in my week away

Foreign reprints in this obscure title - only 6 issues published and this is #5 in my collection, very pleased to acquire this for £2 

After this issue there isn't another edition on sale until 24th August so savour this one while you can

I love newspaper strips and I love Modesty Blaise butt here are so many reprint volumes out there in this series that I only pick them up when they are cheap, slightly knocked about, £3

I'm an Eagle magazine kind of Guy first and foremost but I've slowly been picking up the spin-off novels published by Girl and Swift - I nearly bought this 12 months ago but put it back on the shelf, 12 months later and I succumb to temptation (for £4.50)  

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