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24 June 2017

Girl novels - part 1

Once Hulton Press had launched Eagle, and then Girl, they wasted no time cashing in on their new creations. A vast amount of merchandise (much of which was Dan Dare related) was generated by companies who purchased licences from Hulton Press. Some of the other items, such as the annuals an assorted character spin-off novels, were kept 'in house'.

Here are scans of the covers of the first 4 spin-off novels that Hulton produced for Girl, note the distinctive yellow dust wrapper, this still makes the titles stand out on the shelves even today.

Gala Performance is from 1956, Country holiday is from 1957 - both are by George Beardmore.

The  Dutch stamp mystery was first published in 1956 and then reprinted in 1957; the missing scientist was also from 1957. Both titles are written by Valerie Hastings.

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