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18 June 2017

Casket of Souls

ok, so this isn't a comic but it's my blog, so I'll make an exception if I want I was really into Fighting Fantasy books as a kid and must have picked this up from the library on the strength of Ian Livingstone's name on the cover. I remember I took it on holiday with me one summer holiday and spent so much time poring over the pages trying to work out what the hell was going on (and therefore work out what the hidden message was).
If you've never picked this up I won't give any clues away, suffice to say that there are a dozen pages and a dozen objects, and there's a different object hidden in each image. Sounds easy. Isn't. I'm sure someone has posted the answer somewhere on the internet and it would save me whole lot of bother if I just looked for the answers that way rather than getting sucked in to spending hours (which I know I could do) trying to find the treasures. My favourite 'Fighting Fantasy' type thing - just as good today as it was then. Fantastic illustrations throughout.

Softback and hardback editions were available (hardback is much rarer and commands a premium)

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