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4 June 2019

UPDATED - Powerman by Dave Gibbons & Brian Bolland

I've covered some 'glimpses' of Powerman on the blog before (here) but I thought I'd also gather up, from around the internet, any covers I could find and then just update this posting as time goes by, so without further ado here's what I've found so far

It goes without saying that if you can help fill in any of the gaps in this over gallery then just drop me a line, cheers!

Update - a few new scans c/o Lew Stringer

UPDATED - Issue 5

Not from issue 5 but Lew Stringer has this down as Eric Bradbury art and I can see why

Issue 6

Issue 10

A glimpse of issue 11

Issue 18

Issue 19

Issue 21

Issue 23

And then Acme Press comics ran a 4 issue mini series reprinting a fraction of the Powerman output, covers look like this...

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