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17 August 2019

Powerman #10 - Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons & Carlos Ezquerra?

I've looked at Powerman before (here) trying to gather together all the images I can find of this rare Nigerian comic by Brian Bolland & Dave Gibbons. Some more images recently became available (thanks ebay!) so I've swiped them for posterity and will present them one issue at a time.

Today we have Powerman issue 10...

ok, so I've heard that Carlos Ezquerra is upposed to have worked on this comic but I've never known on what strips, well whenI look at this strip I reckon this is it! The markings on the hill showing all the little lumps and bumps looks pretty reminiscent of his work and I reckon the men in the rest of the strip look like his work too. What do you think? 


  1. Agreed! Everything about that War Story page looks like Carlos' work.

  2. "Rice and Stew, Very Plenty" Hilarious stuff. Hard to believe this was actually the work of Brits given the local flavor of humor