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5 January 2021

2000AD trading cards - series 1 (2007) - part 7

From 2007 here's my look at Strictly Ink's 2000AD trading cards. I've collected the basic collector cards (#1-72) but there were also Gold Foil, Costume & Bonus Cards.

As it points out on the packaging the odds of finding hand drawn sketch cards or bonus cards are 1:20 packs (so 1-2 per box). Foil cards were 1:12 packs and each box contained (on average) one hand drawn sketch or bonus card.

Cards 1-9 were here
Cards 10-18 were here
Cards 19-27 (part 1) is here
Cards 19-27 (part 2) is here
Cards 28-36 is here
Cards 37-45 (part 1) is here
Cards 37-45 (part 2) is below...

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