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26 January 2021

David Pugh original art

Artist David Pugh no longer draws - he's now a writer - and you can find him on Facebook under 'David Dharma Sutra Pugh' or look for his '90s comic art for sale at David Pugh FAN PAGE (also on Facebook) - so when the chance to snap up a bit of his art comes along well you can't say no really can you? 

I was therefore delighted to acquire recently this sketch of Sergeant Antenor from the story Obvious Tactics (from the pages of Warhammer Monthly).

Here's the trade paperback of Obvious Tactics - cover by Martin Hanford - with Sergeant Antenor front and centre

This is the only other sketch I have by David - as you can see it's a Dan Dare piece

I've got some non-Dan Dare and non-Warhammer original concept sketches that David did, some examples here...

but check out these posts here , here and here to see them in there full glory and you can check out all references to David on the blog here

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