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17 January 2021

latest Catawiki auction - Jan 2021

The latest Catawiki auction is now open for bidding - it ends this Thursday (21st). Here are the British comic art highlights from it...

Lot 43666819 is here and is a half-page Robert Archie strip from Lion (10th April 1965) illustrated by Ted Kearon

Lot 43670965 is here and is again a Robert Archie strip from Lion (9th Dec 1967) from the story 'Trouble shooter' - art by Edward Kearon

Lot 44419377 is a Cecil Doughty image from (based on my 'translation' of the label) Look & Learn dated August 30th

Lot 443266885 is here and is a superb 1971 Don Lawrence page from the 'Tales from the Trigan empire' story 'the Duplicator' from the pages of Look and Learn

Good luck with your bids!

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